May 22nd, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

It’s weekends like this that I really take time to thank the amazing people that have defended this great country of ours over the years. So many have faced fear square in the face and defended what was right. I’m grateful for their bravery, sacrifice and unbelievable courage! I wrote the song below a few years back as a small token of my esteem and respect for your service! Thank you all!!!

Heroes – By Chris Dukes

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September 23rd, 2014

Getaway Radio

Happy Tuesday folks! It’s been awhile since I’ve written to you. We had an incredible summer with some really great shows including the NYS Fair and Larkfest 2014 Among others. I’m still in awe of your unwavering support for all the shows and the online releases!

What’s new these days you might be asking? Well first and foremost, “Getaway” is starting to get spins across the country on KAXE, KCSN, KDBB, KDHX, KFMG, KFMU, KPND, KRVM, KSLU, WBJB, WFIV, WHRV, WNTI, WRRW. I’d like to thank these radio stations for their support of the single.

Second, I’m REALLY missing the studio so I have plans to get back in there and work on some ideas I have going on. I’ve been so busy with so many shows that I haven’t had nearly enough time for writing so you might find a few less shows in the schedule while I get some of this tracking done.

Third, I have entered myself in the Guitar Center Singer Songwriter Competition 4 simply because it seemed like a fun thing to get involved in. I could always use your support with sharing my link on your social media sites. My link is Here—>

Thank you all!!! Well it’s back to the grind for me for now, but I’ll try to get on here more often to keep you up to date with what’s on the docket.


October 4th, 2013

Happy Fall Foliage

It’s been a very busy summer for us with a bunch of huge shows, a new CD releasing for Melli Rose, and of course our busy family lives. To be honest we couldn’t be happier.

I wanted to take a minute to fill you in on some of our plans for the coming months. First off, a radio campaign has begun for my brand new single “Getaway.” Please take a few minutes to contact your favorite radio stations and let them know you want to hear it on their station!! Any word of mouth help I can get from you is very appreciated!

Second, Melli Rose’s new album “Spark” is scheduled for release on 11-12-13. I have had the honor of working quite a bit on that record and it’s really a fantastic set of songs you won’t want to miss.

Third, we are coming into the winter months and we have decided to take a little time off from shows and get some other things done. I’ll be back into the studio to work on some of my songs I’ve been meaning to get to. and we will be spending more attention on our youtube page which you can find at Please take a minute to go and subscribe to the channel to stay in touch. We’ll be posting new songs there as well and some short videos you might find humorous. We are looking forward to spending some time on new things as change is good!! Thank you all so much for your continued support! We love our fans and look forward to sharing our new ideas with you and seeing you in the spring when we get back to some shows! Take care!!

Chris Dukes

June 24th, 2013

Brand New Single, “Getaway”

I’m happy to announce the release of my brand new single “Getaway!” We have been hard at work with the song for almost a year. I’ve included some links to the musicians I had the opportunity to work with below if you’d like to know more about them. To say the least, it’s been a fantastic experience!

The song was recorded, arranged and produced by Bruce Miller. Getting Bruce involved with the recording turned out to be a great decision. He handled the musicians, recording and the tough task of retaining the songs original emotional intention effortlessly.

When we first discussed the song Bruce suggested we get Kenny Aronoff to play the drums. I of coursed laughed and said “ok, if you can get him.” The next thing I know Kenny agreed to track the drums when he returned home to Los Angeles from his tour with Chicken Foot which turned out to be July of 2012. He tracked the drums at his home studio in LA and uploaded all his tracks to Bruce in New Jersey. Technology is amazing these days. With the drums in order Bruce called on the help of New Jersey Bass player, Andrew Pfaff and his Barker stand up bass. Really cool bass sound!

Next came the keyboards from Alec Shantzis. Alec played some piano, organ and accordion parts which I love! Next came my acoustic parts and some electric work from Sherrod Barnes. Sherrod added a great feel and an amazing solo to the song.
To tie in the acoustic tones Bruce got the help of Todd Collins on the mandolin.

All in all the experience was a blast and I’m grateful to have gotten help from such fantastic musicians! I’m looking forward to more recording! Now it’s onto radio and promotion!

Chris Dukes

While you’re here, download a free copy of my song “Heroes” below and don’t forget to get your copy of “Getaway” on iTunes, Amazon, or on my Official Website on July 15th, 2013!

January 30th, 2013

Click, Share and Repeat

Hey everyone, It’s a new day as it always is in the mornings.. :) I’m hoping that I can get your help with getting the music out there to new people that don’t know me. Please take a few minutes to go to my youtube page watch my videos and share them with your friends on your social media pages. The same can be said for the music on my reverbnation page. Don’t forget to get your FREE DOWNLOAD of my tribute to our armed forces called “Heroes.” Sharing the music and videos on your social media pages is something small that you can do that will really help me in a big way. As always, thank you so much for your continued support and keep an eye out for the new single coming soon.

Chris Dukes

November 15th, 2012


Please help us spread the word about our search for an aspiring Actress/Model to appear in a music video for Chris’ newest single. If you or someone you know is interested in being considered please send an email including a headshot, bio, height, and contact information to the video director at

Thanks for your help!

September 28th, 2012

Support The ARTists…

So, I’ve been thinking alot about the growing deterioration of true art. It’s happening in are schools with deminishing school budgets and it’s happening in our popular music which may come as no surprise. So what do we do about these issues?

First of all, I think it’s important that we support the arts from an early age. In my life I grew up idolizing talented and hardworking artists. People that were given a gift that they cultivated into something amazing. That was were it was for me. Listening to the radio and being in awe of what I was hearing. The songs I hear on the radio these days though they may make my head move, they surely do not move me from the inside.. Please don’t think that I feel I have all the answers to what is good music. Of course I don’t. I merely have an desire to be moved emotionally by what I listen to and I’m just not getting that as much these days.

Secondly, I feel that it’s important that we really work to support local artists. Supporting local painters, writers, photographers, singers, bands, and songwriters, will help illuminate to the public what their local area has to offer. News Publications could take a note of this to highlight more local talent and less glorification of terrible behavior by spotlighting it for us, but I digres…

They say the Universe gives back what it gets from you. This has had me thinking… Maybe more support of eachother will give us what we all want. For live music to come back into the fore fronts of peoples thoughts.

So I have decided to provide some links to original music artists from the Northeast that I think that you should take the time to check out. These by no means are only acts that you should check out, but they are some that have certainly had me listening often and keeping up with their releases. Click some links and enjoy…

Bands –
Ten Year Vamp – female fronted energetic Pop/Rock band
Wild Adriatic – Indie/Rock band with a great lead singer
Master Theives – Jam/Blues band from Central New York
Mirk – R&B/Hip Hop band very cool R&B/Hip Hop/Motown fusion going on here.
The Narrative – Indie/Pop band creative songwriting and great vocals
The Scarlet Ending – Indie Pop from Syracuse New York
The College Farm – Alt/Rock/Country Voorheesville NY
Barkeater – Rock/Pop band, formally known as 28N

Solo Artists
Rich Ortiz – Acoustic Singer/Songwriter Hailing from Albany NY
Frank Palangi - Rock singer/songwriter Queensbury NY
Rachel Martin – Country singer from upstate NY now residing in Nashville TN
Molly Durnin – Acoustic Singer/Songwriter
Erin Harkes – Singer/Songwriter Acoustic and with her band
Bat-Or Kalo – Rock/Pop singer and guitar player from New York City
Chelsea Cavanaugh – Country singer/songwriter with a fantastic backing back
Kristin Capolino – Rock/Pop singer/songwriter with some serious guitar chops.

So Long story short. Get out there! Go to there shows! Buy their albums and we can get talented people back into the spotlight! Until next time peeps. We’ll talk soon.


P.S. Here’s a little song I wrote in honor of Tech Sgt Joseph Wilkinson and all of the United States armed forces.

September 20th, 2012


There are great times that come up in this life where you just feel good about things.. When you find yourself involved in something that is completely worth all the effort you put into it. I was lucky enough to have a moment like that while working on a project with Best Bytes Media. I was asked to write a song to honor a local Hero named Joeseph Wilkinson. Joe did 4, count them 4 tours in Iraq and came home to his family only to have the use of his legs dissapearing. The Gary Sinise Foundation got involved to help build Joe and his family a handicap accesible house. The local community stood up to make this vision a reality and many fundraisers were put on to help raise the funds needed to get it done. I had the honor of meeting Joe and his wife at one of those fundraisers in Saratoga NY at Vapor night club. There was a fantastic concert featuring a local country band Skeeter Creek and Funk Evolution. My song “Heroes” was played at this event along with a video made by Best Bytes Media. It was a very sucessful event and it was an honor to be able to be involved.

The whole song writing process for this got me thinking about the sacrifices our Armed Forces and their familes take on in order to protect us and keep us free. I decided to take the song and put together a collage of photos that help visually describe the thanks I have for all of our brave soldiers. Here’s the link. Please give it a listen and share it on your pages if you agree. God bless the brave men and woman that protect this country every day!


July 18th, 2012

Holy Heat Wave Batman!

So the past week we have got a LITTLE bit of rain, but all in all is been extremely hot and dry here in Upstate NY. Don’t get me wrong I love beautiful weather, but I also like my NY State Apples and the weird whether in the early spring has all ready taken a toll on them. Needless to say I’m hoping they can get a break and some water because water is good.

Anyway, I have delivered my original song called “Heroes” to Best Bytes Media and they are putting the finishing touches on a video that be used to raise awareness about helping out a local Hero Joe Wilkenson build a hadicapp accesible house. (See—>Home4Joe for more details) I’ll let you know when the video debuts and I’ll even post the link here so you can see it.

In other news tracking has begun on my brand new single with Producer Bruce Miller and things are moving along nicely. Bruce was able to book Kenny Aronoff for the drums and they sound amazing! Thanks Kenny!

I’ll certainly let you know when the single is scheduled to drop. In the mean time stay cool and have a great summer. See you soon!

Chris Dukes

May 2nd, 2012

To getaway or not to getaway, what was the question?

Hey everyone! I hope this little blog of mine finds you all happy and well. I am an excited little singer/songwriter these days. Why you ask? Because we have begun pre-production on a brand new single release and nothing makes me happier than getting the chance to record some music. The tracking of “Greater Than Me” was a blast, but working on so many songs at once proves to be a bit daunting. I’m very excited to get the chance to focus on one song fully and give it all of our attention.

Some of you may know that Bruce Miller mixed the album for me which essentially means he took our tracks and made them sound good. This time around I’m very excited to have Bruce more involved from the beginning with the tracking and producing as well as the mixing and mastering. He’s a very talented guy with a ton of experience which is an invaluable asset when working on a recording.
I’ll be trying to touch base with progress in here to keep you up on how things are going. My first exciting news about the project itself is that Kenny Aronoff has agreed to play the drums for us. Kenny is a true master of the drums and I am beyond honored that he has agreed to be involved with the project.

In other news, I will be playing a small acoustic set of originals at the Steamer 10 Theater on Saturday May 5th to help raise money for the St. Vincent Pre-School. Frank Jaklitsch and friends will be playing and other guests are slated to perform as well. The show starts at 7pm and Tickets are $13 presale and $15 the day of the show. Contact the Steamer 10 Theater for tickets at 518-438-5503.
Until next time,
Chris Dukes